Slow Food Trust

Slow Food UK believes that changing the way we eat—the way we select our food, the way we prepare and consume it—can have a powerful impact on our livelihoods and on the health and sustainability of communities and the environment.

Part of the global grassroots movement, Slow Food UK works to ensure good, clean and fair food is a right for everyone. By this they mean that food should taste good and be enjoyed; be produced in a way which respects the environment, human health and animal welfare; and that food producers are paid a fair wage.

Synchronicity Earth funded The Slow Food UK Ark of Taste which sits within an international initiative to research, catalogue and support endangered tastes, flavours, foods in order to defend local food traditions, protect biodiversity, promoting quality, small-scale British artisan food products. It supports widespread traditional farming practice by re-discovering and giving visibility to the types of products and through the conservation of natural landscapes, rare breeds and historic crops and unique plant varieties. The Ark of Taste aims to ensure that sustainable traditional production methods, and indigenous foods are not lost in the face of homogenisation and commercialism. The support given from Synchronicity Earth helped Slow Food UK to identify more of the critical areas and products in need of conservation, and develop the campaigns and events needed to increase public awareness.

At A Glance

  • Years Funded:  2010