Image: Alice Shirley, Earth Series

Our primary focus is to find ways to conserve Earth’s biological diversity where it is richest, but also most threatened. We do this through our programmes, which focus on conservation for overlooked regions, ecosystems and species, providing funding, support and networking opportunities for a broad range of conservationists and NGOs.

At the same time, we recognise that in-situ conservation is just one important piece of the puzzle if we are to reverse biodiversity loss and become – as a species – better stewards of the lands, rivers, seas and all the incredible species and ecosystems we share a planet with.

Engaging beyond conservation

We understand that no matter how much support goes to the people and organisations protecting nature on the frontlines of biodiversity loss and climate change, without more deep-rooted changes in the systems and cultural norms that are fuelling these ecological crises, conservation alone will never be enough.

So we look beyond conservation to explore opportunities for collabo