Bioneers is a ‘movement of movements’ – bringing together and empowering voices across diverse sectors all centred around Nature. Through its annual National Bioneers Conference, award-winning media, local conferences, community resilience networks, and leadership training programs focused on youth, women and Indigenous peoples, Bioneers is well known to the change-making community.

Synchronicity Earth supported the 2016 conference both financially and in-kind. Our striking coral mural created by Louis Masai, was used as the visual backdrop for the entire conference and event materials.  Louis also held a youth workshop, and presented Coral Reef Redux, a short film that we made together, drawing attention to the fact that without meaningful action, we may lose an entire living system. Meanwhile, Jessica Sweidan gave a short keynote, introducing Synchronicity Earth to the entire Bioneers’ community, and hosted two panels. Making Peace with Earth, looked at the root causes of our disconnection to nature, and highlighted the ever-increasing importance of biodiversity; and Empowering Deeper Philanthropy, explored how the philanthropic sector might better bridge the gap between the needs of the planet and our current capacity to address it, systemically.

Based in the USA, Bioneers offers an important, and nourishing, network for the whole of the environmental movement.


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