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We act to address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems.

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The Art of Funding

Generating long-term strategic support

Funding conservation well is something of an art form. To conserve a special place, ecosystem or species is generally not simply a case of throwing money at it. The type of funding provided, the kind of conservation work it supports, the length of time it is provided for – all of these are crucial pieces of the puzzle that is effective conservation.

At Synchronicity Earth, we aim to refresh and improve the way we provide funding, bring more money into the (underfunded) sector and collaborate with foundations and donors to give dedicated conservation NGOs the support they need.

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“Knowing where best to donate funds to protect the world’s species and ecosystems can be complicated, but Synchronicity Earth makes this easy by conducting high quality research to identify robust initiatives that will have the biggest impact.”

Professor Jonathan Baillie, Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President, Grants, National Geographic

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