The Wild Network

Image: Amy Rose

Synchronicity Earth supported Project Wild Thing and The Wild Network to help children reconnect with nature.

Project Wild Thing is a film-led movement to inspire young people and their families to spend more time outdoors, reconnecting with nature. As part of the campaign, Project Wild Thing created a feature-length documentary that takes a humorous and revealing look at the increasing disconnect between children and nature.

Time spent playing outdoors in the UK is down by 50 per cent in just one generation. Research shows that this growing disconnection is one of the root causes of social problems, including poor health, crime and conflict. For instance, inactivity and obesity mean that children born today have a lower life expectancy than their parents for the first time ever.  It is also at the root of many environmental problems; the less we are connected with nature, the less we care and the less we act to stop environmentally destructive practices.

The film sparked and fostered a growing movement of committed and passionate organisations and individuals wanting to address this problem. They are working together to find and implement innovative solutions to the barriers that stop children being connected with nature. Barriers include things such as perceptions towards stranger danger; rise of screen time; commercialisation of play; and traffic and road safety.

Synchronicity Earth provided core support for the Swarm Partnership. The Swarm Partnership is made up of three great guys: Tom, Steve and Dan, who are passionate about the outdoors and nature; about new ideas; and about bringing people together in interesting ways to get things done.

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