Field Advisory Legality Group

Image: Ollivier Girard/CIFOR (Flickr)

Field Legality Advisory Group (FLAG) was established by a group of three Cameroonian experts in 2012 to build the capacity of government and civil society groups (including of law enforcement officers and magistrates) in the Congo Basin to monitor and report on illegal logging and ensure enforcement of logging regulations.

The founders formerly worked for an international NGO (Resource Extraction Monitoring) and created FLAG to fulfil its mission of handing over its work to civil society organisations in the region. In addition to monitoring and reporting on illegal logging, FLAG provides a coordinating function: collecting, collating and analysing information from various monitoring projects in different countries, to identify trends, with the idea of improving information exchange, learning and strategizing at the sub-regional level.

FLAG is filling an important gap: whilst regulations are key, the problem is too often lack of, or poor enforcement of regulations. FLAG is building the capacity of civil society groups, by providing technical, legal and practical support at the local and provincial level in the DRC to monitor forest management – something which is urgently needed in such a vast country where it is difficult for NGOs based in the capital- Kinshasa to have oversight.


Synchronicity Earth has supported FLAG since 2018.

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