Project Seahorse

Image: Nigel Wade,

Project Seahorse based at the University of British Columbia and the Zoological Society of London, is committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s coastal and marine ecosystems. It is the global authority on seahorses and is also the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Seahorse, Pipefish and Stickleback Specialist Group.

Project Seahorse’s cutting edge research informs its conservation work. The team works closely with conservationists, governments and local communities to protect seahorses and other marine life.

Seahorses are under significant threat from habitat-loss and overfishing, yet we currently know very little about them. Synchronicity Earth has supported Project Seahorse to fill large data gaps on seahorses, sticklebacks and pipefish on the IUCN Red List using a mixture of citizen-science and technical expertise.

Project Seahorse’s innovative citizen-science programme, iSeahorse, means anyone, anywhere in the world can log basic seahorse sightings using their smartphone or computer. Combined with building the capacity and cohesiveness of expert groups, such as the Seahorse, Pipefish and Stickleback Specialist Group, this can help harness the knowledge necessary to accurately assess the conservation of seahorse species around the world and improve their protection.

Project Seahorse is now working to develop a Conservation Strategy based on the results of their red-listing work, directing conservation action to species which need it the most.

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