At A Glance

Shoal is an exciting new initiative aimed at engaging a wide range of organisations to grow and develop interest and funding for freshwater species conservation, particularly fish.

This is a group of species in urgent need of more attention and action. The initiative seeks to engage a diverse community from across the profit and non-profit sectors to be part of an innovative new partnership that will change the face of freshwater fish conservation. This partnership will identify and support exemplary freshwater fish conservation projects, as well as enabling the exchange of skills and knowledge and the building of capacity and awareness. It will nurture mutual respect, collaborative projects and joint funding to enable conservation action in the most critical places for freshwater fish and their habitats.

A dedicated and growing group of organisations is now working together to turn this concept into a reality, engaging a wide range of stakeholders to understand how the partnership can be best structured to achieve the collective objectives of its members. Synchronicity Earth is the initial host organisation for Shoal; we do not take an overhead for any of the funds raised to support this exciting and much needed initiative.