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Synchronicity Portfolio

Image: Alice Shirley, Earth Series
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Through our Synchronicity Portfolio, we explore and support a diverse spectrum of responses to the ecological crises we are facing.

We collaborate with a range of partners, from business and finance, philanthropists, filmmakers, artists, writers, conservationists, community leaders, young people and anyone with a love for nature and a commitment to change.

Our Synchronicity Portfolio has three key strands:

Accelerating change

We champion and look to accelerate systemic and cultural change in business, finance, the creative industries, and philanthropy, collaborating and supporting initiatives to increase action and funding to protect and restore nature.

Telling better stories

We work with our conservation partners – together with filmmakers, producers, content creators and storytellers – to amplify vital stories that need to be heard, placing nature back at the heart of the narratives that we tell and live by.

Broadening the base

We want to help create a more open, diverse, and inclusive movement to protect the natural world, opening up spaces that have been harder to reach for marginalised voices and encouraging participation for all in environmental conservation.

How it works

The work we do through our Synchronicity Portfolio takes various forms: funding for organisations and initiatives whose goals and values align with our own; collaborating on shared projects and events; supporting emerging groups and alliances, for example, those working on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the environmental sector, or youth-led movements; sharing learning and knowledge and participating in panel discussions, conferences and storytelling projects.

Partner Profile: Share Action

Synchronicity Earth is supporting ShareAction’s work to transform the global investment sector’s outlook on biodiversity risks and impacts. As part of our commitment to engage with the investment sector, this support is helping to promote an investment approach that works with nature and can play a fundamental role in ‘bending the curve’ on biodiversity loss and supporting a global economy that protects and restores nature. 

ShareAction exists to make investment a force for good. Its vision is of an investment system that truly serves savers and communities, protecting our environment for the long term. It is working towards a system in which long-term thinking is recognised as the best way to guarantee healthy returns.

Since 2005, ShareAction has built a strong track record of driving change in and through the finance system, through research, campaigning, policy advocacy and public mobilisation. Its vision is a global financial system that: respects the ecological limits of our planet; reflects and respects the societies it’s there to serve; and rewards those who invest responsibly.

“Synchronicity Earth communicates on a level that is really embedded within science, but that uses art, entertainment, humour, passion to get people to realise that we are all connected and that what we do to nature, we do to ourselves. You want to get behind organisations that leave the planet in a better place; and Synchronicity Earth really ranks high on that score.” 

– Sylvia Earle, Marine Explorer and founder of Mission Blue

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