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Ocean Programme

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Building a flourishing future for ocean life

The ocean is fundamentally important to life on Earth. From its glittering turquoise shallows to its inky depths, the ocean makes up 97 per cent of the liveable space on our planet, home to an estimated 2.2 million species, and supports the livelihoods of over three billion people. Ocean currents are key to global weather patterns, while processes in the ocean produce half of the world’s oxygen, and ocean ecosystems absorb a quarter of the carbon dioxide and over 90 per cent of the heat emitted by humanity.


The Ocean Programme aims to address critical yet often less familiar and underfunded conservation challenges for the global ocean. Ocean conservation work only receives a very small percentage of total environment funding from UK trusts and foundations, demonstrating an urgent need to increase support to the blue heart of our planet. The focus of this Programme is to increase funding and support for work in the following three key strands:

Communities and Culture

Supporting community-led marine conservation, rights and culture

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A close-up of the face of a painted wooden Malagan carving with strong use of shapes (circular eyes, triangular nose), two long feather-like structures either side of the head and a bunch of sticks growing out of the head

Species and Ecosystems

Protecting overlooked and underfunded species and ecosystems

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An underwater photo with mangrove tree roots and rich coral life with one yellow striped fish