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By Jessica & Adam Sweidan, Founding Trustees, January 2017

In 2000 we created a philanthropic organisation called The Synchronicity Foundation. At the time, we were fundamentally interested in engaging with brilliant people and organisations with inspired ideas or projects. The people behind the projects were as important to us as the chosen projects and issues.

Taking a very bottom-up approach to giving, we had a very diverse and eclectic portfolio and found ourselves funding across numerous sectors including social and economic welfare, healthcare, relief efforts, the environment, endangered species, and children’s wellbeing. To date, The Synchronicity Foundation has worked with over 70 projects in nearly 40 countries, giving away over US $6 million.

As we learnt more about each of these themes, we became increasingly aware that environmental degradation was becoming a key (if not the key) issue underpinning all of our interests. We found ourselves funding children’s education projects where the focus was about obtaining freshwater and healthy meals; wh