Gaia Foundation

Image: Gaia Foundation

As well hosting a number of events together, Synchronicity Earth has supported the Gaia Foundation since 2014 to strengthen the capacity of communities, globally, to protect their ancestral land and its biodiversity from mining.

The quest for precious minerals and metals, gas and oil is intensifying worldwide. New concessions are devastating many local and indigenous communities across Africa, destroying important forests and freshwater ecosystems. Sacred Sites are also being threatened and destroyed. Mining companies are beginning to respond to calls for better transparency but the affected communities are often isolated, with little information about proposed mining development – even when they know what is planned, they have insufficient resources to communicate their wishes to companies and governments.

Gaia Foundation is passionate about protecting Earth’s biological and cultural diversity. It supports partners across Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. It helps affected communities to find ways of ensuring that governments and businesses hear their concerns – not just locally, but worldwide, for example through its Yes to Life, No to Mining campaign. In so doing, Gaia is both helping to halt destructive practices and to revive traditional forms of knowledge and culture which, in turn, can help us to nurture a healthier relationship between people and planet.

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