GLOBE International

Image: Tomas Kotouc (Wildscreen Exchange)

GLOBE International was founded in 1989 by legislators from the US, Europe, Japan and Russia to respond to urgent environmental challenges by coordinating national policy and legislation.

Over the past five years they have worked with parliaments of all the major economies to complement international processes, such as the UN conventions on climate change and biological diversity, and create political demand for environmental legislation. Their work covers marine fisheries and coral reefs, international policy on forests, and ‘natural capital’. They work across the political spectrum, and engage finance ministries and other parts of government not usually involved in environmental decision-making.

Synchronicity Earth supported the launch of GLOBE’s work on the European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) with an event on World Oceans Day at Selfridges in June 2011, at which MPs from across Europe signed a declaration establishing 18 ‘conditions for success’ for a new CFP.

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