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Pooled Funding

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There is an urgent need to scale up effective funding for environmental conservation across the globe. As a conservation funder, we recognise that collaboration can be extremely challenging. Pooled funding is an approach and an intention around how we fund conservation designed to help like-minded donors to work together to provide more effective funding to organisations that have the greatest impact.

Working together for better conservation funding

Since 2017, Synchronicity Earth has been exploring and developing ways to bring much needed funding to some of Earth’s most overlooked and underfunded regions, ecosystems, and species. Our pooled funding approach currently supports our Congo Basin, Amphibian, and Freshwater programmes, and in 2023 we launched the Chrysalis Youth Fund, to support young people around the world to mobilise and act to protect nature in some of the most biologically and culturally diverse regions on Earth.

Pooled funding allows donors to combine resources to provide critical support for the most effective conservation organisations and individuals working to protect the natural world. It amplifies funding effectiveness, maximises the time smaller, locally led organisations in high priority regions can spend on critical conservation work, and provides a vibrant forum for knowledge sharing, learning, and connection between funders and the people and places they fund.