Reseau CREF

At A Glance

Réseau CREF (Network for the Conservation and Restoration of Forest Ecosystems) is a coalition of around 30 local organisations based in North Kivu, Eastern DRC. Its overarching aim is to improve forest governance and ensure that the dignity and stability of indigenous peoples is enhanced.

North Kivu, in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to Africa’s oldest and most diverse National Park: Virunga. The region is home to Mountain gorilla, Okapi, Grauer’s gorilla and Chimpanzee, as well as savannah and forest elephants. These species and their habitats are threatened by extractive activities such as mining, logging and proposed oil exploration. Political instability and displacement in the region has aggravated threats such as hunting, charcoal production and agriculture.

Réseau CREF plays an important role in coordinating groups in the region to collaborate on projects and advocacy and to share learning. Synchronicity Earth has provided core and programme (especially community forestry) support to Réseau CREF since 2012.