Green ID

Image: Gemma Goodman

Synchronicity Earth supported Green ID’s work in the Mekong delta in 2014 and 2015 to ensure communities are able to participate actively in decision-making processes that will affect them, their natural environment and their livelihoods.

Half of Vietnam’s rice grows in the Mekong Delta, providing the country with a key export commodity. The viability of the delta is therefore essential for livelihoods. It is also crucial for the country’s fisheries and aquaculture industry, yet the Mekong Delta in Vietnam faces many threats including large-scale hydropower, climate change, unsustainable fisheries, aquaculture and agricultural practices. As a member of the Mekong River Commission, Vietnam has an important role to play not only in sustainable management of the delta but in influencing the activities of upstream nations in order to protect the livelihoods of much of its population.

Green Innovation and Development (Green ID) engages in energy and water policy dialogues throughout the Mekong Delta, focussing on the environmental impact of the energy sector in Vietnam and the lower Mekong. It promotes inclusive, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly approaches to development, highlighting the importance of freshwater biodiversity conservation. A relatively new organisation, Green ID has strong leadership and an innovative evidence-based approach which means it has strong credibility in Vietnam, and is therefore able to engage in key policy dialogues. The organisation aims to  fundamentally change the approach to development in Vietnam by promoting low-carbon energy sources, improved freshwater management and inclusive decision-making processes.

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