Yayasan Bumi Sawerigading (YBS)

At A Glance

Yayasan Bumi Sawerigading (YBS) is a non-profit organisation located in Sulawesi, Indonesia. It works towards a model of development for the island which is centred on community empowerment and environmental protection. We are supporting YBS in their work to conserve the Malili Lakes, one of the true freshwater wonders of the natural world boasting more than 100 species found only in their waters.

YBS have experience and expertise in watershed management, community engagement and participatory development. They were the lead partner in developing the Lake Mahalona Management Plan, along with other NGOs, local communities, the local government, and our fellow partner, IUCN Freshwater Biodiversity Unit. The plan sets out how this lake can be conserved in a way which advances local development opportunities while maintaining a healthy environment for the scores of rare and unique freshwater species which call it home. We are now supporting YBS to begin implementing the recommended actions identified by the plan, such as fishing down populations of the invasive flowerhorn cichlid, developing agro-forestry systems in pepper plantations and pineapple processing to make value-added products.