White-bellied Heron – International Coordination and Knowledge Sharing

We have co-organised and funded two international meetings in conjunction with our White-bellied heron (WBH) work, bringing together experts, NGOs, academics and government representatives. One workshop took place in India where the WBH Conservation Strategy was drafted and one in Bhutan – where next steps and commitments were refined. We have also organised and funded [...]

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White-bellied Heron – Indian Communication and Coordination

We have worked with Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) to coordinate and communicate action on White-bellied heron (WBH) in India. More recently, we have funded a workshop consisting of avian experts to identify potential focal areas for surveys of WBH and next steps. Out of this have come a number [...]

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Southwest Forestry University

We have provided Professor Han at the Southwest Forestry University with two grants to carry-out awareness-raising and identification training workshops on White-bellied heron in China. Integral to this work are field explorations to identify presence/absence of the species, and assessments of the habitat.  

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Royal Society for Protection of Nature

Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) is the only Bhutanese wildlife conservation organisation. It has worked tirelessly for the past 30 years to monitor and understand the White-bellied Heron, seeking to protect it from emerging threats in the country. We have supported RSPN with various initiatives: Training staff in captive breeding and chick rearing [...]

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Zoological Society of London – Finless Porpoise

Synchronicity Earth is helping to support a small team based at the Institute of Zoology/Zoological Society of London and University College London to carry out research on the Critically Endangered Yangtze finless porpoise in order to take effective action towards saving this species. The Yangtze finless porpoise is a subspecies of cetacean found only in the Yangtze [...]

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Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

Synchronicity Earth has been supporting the Madagascar Pochard through Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) since 2012 and is delighted to see how it is involving local communities to ensure success in the long-term. This is a model of conservation-in-action, leading to the revival of an incredibly rare and beautiful species, and to the restoration of crucial wetland [...]

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Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) was established to secure a future for Vietnam’s wildlife. SVW protects and increases populations of threatened species through rescue, rehabilitation and release, as well as law enforcement, research and education. Pangolins have become the most frequently seized mammal in Asia’s illegal wildlife trade - pangolin meat and scales are used for culinary [...]

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Shark Trust

The Shark Trust is a leading UK-based charity that works globally to safeguard the future of sharks through positive change. Synchronicity Earth has supported Shark Trust in their No Limits? Campaign, which launched in 2014,  and aims to mobilise public support for the establishment of science-based catch limits on European vessels fishing for commercially exploited species of shark. [...]

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Struggle to Economize Future Environment

Struggle to Economize Future Environment (SEFE) is part of Synchronicity Earth’s Congo Basin Programme, and works to mobilise indigenous groups against harmful industrial activity in Southwest Cameroon. When Korup National Park in Cameroon was created in the 1990s one local, Nasako Besingi, identified a major gap in the protection of the parks mangroves - the Rey [...]

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Reseau CREF

Synchronicity Earth has supported Reseau CREF's diverse initiatives, including community forestry, an indigenous peoples’ festival, and solar panelling for its offices, since 2012. North Kivu, in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to Africa’s oldest and most diverse National Park: Virunga. Virunga National Park is also recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The [...]

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