Green Development Advocates

Image © Ollivier Girard, CIFOR

Synchroncity Earth started supported Green Development Advocates (GDA) in 2018 through our Congo Basin Programme.

In a bid to rapidly boost its economy, the Cameroonian government has made huge investments in the exploitation of its land, forests, and other natural resources. Vast tracts of land have been allocated to foreign investors, often ignoring the rights, cultures, and interests of local people, and threatening biodiversity. GDA’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of African tropical forests while respecting the culture, rights, interests and needs of the African peoples. They specifically focus on supporting indigenous Pygmies in this process.

The work Synchronicity Earth supports is focused on the development of Community Forestry Concessions in communities in South West Cameroon. GDA believe that community forestry can be used as a tool for conservation, rather than just to enable further exploitation of forests. They also see this as a key tool in securing land for communities – an extremely important objective in the current climate in Cameroon. GDA are working alongside communities to support them at every stage from learning about Community Forestry Concessions to applying for titles and eventually managing the land.

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