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Funding Conservation

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Conservation needs more funding, and it needs better funding.

Conserving species diversity and healthy ecosystems and finding ways to support and promote conservation that benefits both people and their environment has never been more important. Yet the proportion of funding from European and US foundations that goes to environmental issues is tiny. In Europe, the figure is around five per cent (, while the US is not far ahead.

We actively explore approaches to funding that allow small and medium-sized NGOs working on vital conservation issues to flourish and develop in the way that works best for them, supporting core activities and building capacity.

At Synchronicity Earth, we are developing long-term funding approaches to bring more money into the sector and helping to use that money better. 

Conservation needs donors and foundations to think long-term. Our Endowment Funds look at 10 year + timeframes, but are set up to release funding from the start so their impact can be felt as soon as possible.

Our More than Carbon initiative provides forward-thinking businesses and investment firms with a solution to bolster their environment