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Our goal at Synchronicity Earth is to protect and restore nature where it is most diverse, but also most threatened, identifying overlooked conservation challenges that desperately require support and funding.

The starting point for this work is knowledge. What does the science tell us? Our Research Team has many years of experience, and an extensive global network of conservation scientists and organisations to call on.

But the conservation work needed to protect and restore nature always has a social, economic, cultural, and political context. The knowledge that underpins what we do is gained from working with the people who live in and know these environments best: Indigenous Peoples, local communities and community leaders, NGOs and civil society groups.

Developing strong, respectful, long-term relationships with local partners and – where relevant and appropriate – helping to connect them into global networks and initiatives – is at the heart of our approach. Our approach to the work we create, support and fund, is based on our values as an organisation.