Shark Trust

Image: NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, Gulf of Mexico 2012 expedition

The Shark Trust is a leading UK-based charity that works globally to safeguard the future of sharks through positive change. Synchronicity Earth has supported Shark Trust in their No Limits? Campaign, which launched in 2014,  and aims to mobilise public support for the establishment of science-based catch limits on European vessels fishing for commercially exploited species of shark.

The initial focus was to highlight three issues: the number and scale of European fisheries associated with Shortfin MakoBlue SharkTope, and various species of smoothhound and catshark; the importance of these species to the wider marine ecosystem; and the importance of securing catch limits before populations are overexploited.

Alongside the public campaign, the Shark Trust has worked with experts to secure scientific advice for its advocacy work. This has been used to target EU Member States and other European governing bodies to encourage them to meet conservation objectives as set out in the European Community Plan of Action for Sharks and to adopt and implement science-based catch limits.  With the campaign enjoying strong public and political support, the trust has expanded its scope to advocate for catch limits on international fleets fishing the Atlantic high seas.

There are hundreds of shark organisations working globally to conserve different shark species. We chose to support The Shark Trust because it takes a holistic approach – working with scientists to influence policymakers who can address some of the threats facing sharks and educating the general public about why this is important.


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