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Creating and hosting events is in Synchronicity Earth’s DNA. We are in a fortunate position to be able to convene a diverse range of experts from across sectors.  Whether hearing from our conservation partners, renowned scientists, artists, philosophers, or business leaders, we curate a range of events. Our hope and our goal is to share knowledge, connect people and inspire action.

Our sister initiative Flourishing Diversity also creates and curates a range of events, podcasts, videos, and case studies on themes relating to biological and cultural diversity: Explore Flourishing Diversity

Nemonte Nenquimo at the Conduit

Nemonte Nenquimo at the Conduit

Nemonte Nenquimo is an Indigenous leader of the Waorani people in the Ecuadorean Amazon province of Pastaza, one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth. Nemonte gained global attention when she led a successful court action to block a proposal for oil exploration and drilling on 500,000 acres of Waorani land. Her tireless and courageous work to rally Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador to oppose oil exploitation on their territory and insist on proper consultation led to a landmark legal victory, a decision that was seen as setting a precedent for Indigenous rights in the region.

Synchronicity Earth partnered with Amazon Frontlines and Earthrise Studio to bring Nemonte to the Conduit, in London, to deliver powerful testimony of the struggles facing the Waorani, and Indigenous Peoples across the Amazon to protect their land, and to challenge us to take action to support the struggle.

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Learning about Biocultural Diversity

Learning about Biocultural Diversity

This small, intimate event brought a group of guests together to hear about the progress SE, and the sector more widely, has made over the past two years towards more inclusive, localised and Indigenous People-led conservation based on a greater understanding and recognition of biocultural diversity. We provided an opportunity for our guests to immerse themselves in our world by meeting and celebrating with us the visit of Miriam Supuma (Synchronicity Earth Biocultural Diversity Programme Manager) visit to the UK and Grace Souza’s (Amazon Alliance coordinator, and our Latin America ‘affiliate’) recent return from Brazil.


Aurum Alternative ESG Symposium

Synchronicity Earth presented its More than Carbon initiative at the inaugural Alternative ESG Symposium created and run by Aurum Funds Limited. This event brought together investors, managers and asset owners of alternative investments to focus on how to better navigate the complexities of ESG in alternative investments.

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Good natured film festival (Conservation Optimism)

The screening of the 2021 Good Natured Short Film Festival took place at the Oxford Natural History Museum on October 29th, 2021.  The Festival featured four categories of film : Animation, Life on Earth, People & Nature, and Students, with the best in each category winning a mentoring session with a filmmaking expert. Some of the entries are available to view on YouTube.

Women members of our Congolese partners participating in the mini congress in Kinshasa

Mini-Congress in Kinshasa

The IUCN World Conservation Congress was held in Marseille in September, 2021, against the backdrop of a continuing COVID-19 pandemic. To facilitate the participation of local partners in our Congo Basin Programme in the Congress, Synchronicity Earth sponsored and co-created a ‘Mini-Congress’ in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for eight of our Congo Basin partner organisations plus one guest organisation. The event was a huge success, with partners coming together to present their work and successes, discuss common challenges and engage together remotely with other conservationists attending the Congress in Marseille.

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Virtual donor drinks invitation, featuring red-shanked douc langur

Virtual donor drinks: Journey with us

In June, 2021, we held a virtual donor drinks event to (re)connect with key donors to our work. We took this opportunity to share some of our partners’ stories, and to update supporters on the work they are doing across the globe, through our conservation programmes and beyond, to conserve overlooked and underfunded species and ecosystems, and the challenges they were facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Invitation showing Indigenous lifeways for a flourishing Earth event

Indigenous lifeways for a flourishing Earth

This Deeper Thinking webinar focused on the concept of Flourishing Diversity, which lies at the heart of our Biocultural Diversity Programme (formerly the Flourishing Diversity Programme). We were joined by an inspiring panel of speakers who shared their knowledge and experience, exploring what flourishing diversity means to them and reminding us how ecological and cultural diversity are inextricably linked.

The event, chaired by Synchronicity Earth founders Jessica and Adam Sweidan, explored diverse viewpoints with Katy Scholfield – creator of our new Biocultural Diversity Programme – and Katy Molloy, Director of Flourishing Diversity – in conversation with Dr Million Belay, Co-ordinator of the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), Kerexu Yxapyry and Tiago Karaí, Comissão Guarani Yvyrupa (CGY).

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Beyond carbon: Nature’s big moment

Beyond carbon: Nature’s big moment

For the third in our series of Deeper Thinking webinars, Beyond Carbon: nature’s big moment, we had the privilege of listening to Tom Rivett-Carnac, who has been a leading figure in developing mainstream action on climate change. Tom was Senior Advisor to Christiana Figueres when she acted as Executive Director to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). Together, they co-authored the book The Future we Choose and founded Global Optimism, which – among other things – delivers an excellent weekly podcast.

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poster with a hummingbird reading 'take it or leave it' in yellow writing

Building back better: Where do we go from here?

The profound impact of COVID-19 on our health, economies and societies stimulated much discussion around what can be done to ‘build back better’ and what a ’new normal’ might look like.

For the second in our Deeper Thinking webinar series, we invited nine speakers from diverse sectors, communities and generations to tell us – in the light of their experience of COVID-19 – what they think we need to leave behind and what we should develop and take forward.

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black and white poster of a person reading 'joining the dots' in blue writing and 'nature, people and health' in white

Joining the dots: nature, people and health

In July 2020, we held the first of our Deeper Thinking mini-series of virtual discussions. In Joining the dots: nature, people and health, we were delighted to host two extraordinary conservationists, Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak and Steven Broad, for Synchronicity Earth’s first virtual Deeper Thinking event on July 29. Hosted by our founders, Adam and Jessica Sweidan, the event explored the interconnections between human health and the environment and potential solutions to take us towards a more balanced and harmonious relationship with the natural world.

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The story so far

The story so far

As the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown continued, we shifted our attention to engaging with our donors and supporters online. The Story so far was a virtual ‘drinks’ designed to share updates and stories from our partners, reengaging with our supporters during a very difficult time, reassuring donors that we were continuing to support our partners working around the world to weather the combined health and economic storms brought by COVID-19.

Celebrating 10 years

Celebrating 10 years

We held our 10th Anniversary celebration at the Ham Yard Hotel, London, a perfect venue to bring together many of our longstanding donors, supporters and friends. This was an opportunity to thank them for what they have helped us to achieve, raise funds for our work and set out our ambition and aims for for 2020 and beyond. It was also the ideal platform to launch our new film, Bringing Conservation to Life, which received fantastic feedback.

During the evening, author and TV presenter Lucy Cooke hosted a discussion with two of our partners Citlalli Morelos-Juarez (Tesoro Escondido Reserve, Ecuador) and Marites Gatan-Balbas (Mabuwaya Foundation, the Philippines), who spoke about the work they are doing to conserve nature and improve lives in two of the most biodiverse places on Earth. We also heard from Jonathan Baillie (National Geographic), who has been a friend and advisor to Synchronicity Earth founders, Adam and Jessica Sweidan, since 2009, when the organisation was launched.


The Flourishing Diversity Summit

The Flourishing Diversity Summit

The Flourishing Diversity Summit in September brought 30 indigenous representatives from across the world to London, many for the first time. Arhuaco, Bishnoi, Khoisan, Ashaninka and many other indigenous peoples from across the globe came to share their cultural and ecological wisdom, connect with each other and create new opportunities to amplify their urgent and timely messages. Sessions at the Summit focused on Sacred Lands, Mother Earth and Building Alliances, while the Listening Sessions brought together Indigenous representatives with prominent Western figures from the worlds of art, politics, business, conservation and fashion.

The Summit and Listening Sessions were a co-collaboration between Synchronicity Earth, Jerome Lewis (Director) and Carolina Comanduli, of the Centre for Anthropology of Sustainability (CAOS) at UCL, Paola Bay, an artist and filmmaker and many others. The events were a tremendous success, generating extensive media interest and coverage, and sowing the seeds for future collaboration and activities through 2020 and beyond, not least at the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place in Marseilles in June, 2020.

Meet our partners

Meet our partners

We invited donors and supporters to come to our offices in Cursitor Street to hear from two of our partners working in the Congo Basin, alongside members of our research team, to learn why community-led approaches are key to effective conservation.

Dinner for Apes

Dinner for Apes

Alongside Arcus Foundation, Synchronicity Earth organised a small, intimate dinner in New York to raise money for The Ape Fund, a joint venture which aims to raise funds to conserve our closest living relatives.

Fabric of Life: Finale

Fabric of Life: Finale

The finale of the Fabric of Life series took place at the South Kensington Club. This was a chance to series participants and guests to reflect on what they’d learnt, what it meant for them going forward and to hear from some of our series ambassadors.

Shoal Launch

Shoal Launch

A lunch at the unique Fishmongers’ Hall in London to launch Shoal, an initiative to conserve freshwater species. Jeremy Wade (River Monsters, Mighty Rivers) spoke at the event.

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Fabric of Life: The Nature of Fashion

A part of our Deeper Thinking Series, The Nature of Fashion explored the cultural roots of fashion, thinking about how our consumer habits have literally changed our relationship to the clothes we wear. A distinguished panel of experts discussed our history of exporting our environmental impacts and how cultural uses of fashion have (and can) evolve(d). The panel, included Edwina Ehrman (Senior Exhibition Curator at the V&A and the curator of ‘Fashioned from Nature.’), John Sauven (Executive Director of Greenpeace), Kate Fletcher (Professor of Sustainability, Design, Fashion at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, University of the Arts, London) and Claire Bergkamp (Head of Sustainability and Ethical Trade at Stella McCartney, London)

The discussion was moderated by Ella Saltmarshe, a specialist in innovation and systems change.



Forces for Nature: Interviews with environmental funders

In Forces for Nature, fourteen key donors offer vivid insights into what motivates them to support environmental causes, and how they ensure that their giving is as effective as it can be in protecting life on Earth. The evening celebrated the recent successes of the environmental sector and included a panel discussion with some of the interviewees.


Fabric of Life: Fashioned from Nature

A field-trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum with Curator Edwina Ehrman to visit the hugely relevant exhibit, followed by lunch with our partner The Sustainable Angle.



Rewilding: An evening with Isabella Tree & Charlie Burrell

An evening spent hearing about the inspiration behind the owners of the 3,500 acre Knepp Castle Estate in Sussex, and their extraordinary efforts to rewild the Estate.

Fabric of Life: Launch

Fabric of Life: Launch

The launch of our series hearing from world-class experts that laid out the roadmap for how we would use fashion as a lens to explore the concept of (un)sustainable fashion and its impacts on biodiversity.

It’s a Frog’s Life

It’s a Frog’s Life

At the launch of our Amphibians Programme at the Bluebird Café, the brilliant Lucy Cooke and captivating Helen Meredith provided extraordinary insight into the beautiful, amusing world of amphibians, highlighting the urgent need for us to to do all we can to protect them.



Fabric of Life: Prelaunch at The Conduit

A panel discussion at The Conduit, questioning our thirst for constantly buying more clothes, exploring how that is putting our ecosystems and species at risk, and exploring solutions and innovations that are working to reduce fashion’s impact on biodiversity.


Amphibian Fund launches in the USA

Amphibian Fund launches in the USA

We have partnered with the Chicago Zoological Society (of which Dr Rabb was President for over 30 years) and we held a joint fundraising event at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago in September 2018 to raise money for our Amphibian Fund to provide more long-term and flexible funding for amphibian conservation where it is most needed.

Human Nature: Thinking about culture, values and the environment

Human Nature: Thinking about culture, values and the environment

Over the course of the evening, we explored three main components: how culture shapes our values and how values shape the world we live in; how culture and values determine our relationship with nature; and what new cultural narratives are needed to move us away from the environmental crisis we are facing. The conversations took us across time and deep into human history, demonstrating the rich cultural contexts that we have inherited and that shape so much of who we are today.

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Marine Philanthropy

Hosted by JP Morgan, we supported a discussion about funding ocean conservation for their clients.



Our Planet (with WWF & Silverback Films)

A very special and rare opportunity for our guests to be a part of a historic and groundbreaking documentary Our Planet.



The Islands & The Whales

The London Premier of this award winning film exploring how the longtime hunting and fishing practices of the Faroese are being threatened by animal rights activism, plummeting wildlife populations, and rising mercury levels, with Director Mike Day.



High & Deep Seas Lunch

An event at the Fishmongers’ Hall in London to bring Foundations and funders together to talk about what can be done for the High and Deep seas and discuss potential pooled funding approaches.


Connecting to Wealth Advisors

Hosted by the Rothschild Foundation, along with the Environmental Funders Network (EFN), we shared insights about environmental philanthropy with Wealth Advisors, with the aim of growing the sector.


Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon

With two extraordinary speakers, campaigner Mirella von Lindenfels and investigative journalist, Ian Urbina, we looked beyond the horizon and below the surface to learn more about the High and Deep Seas, and how Synchronicity Earth is supporting work to bring more protection to these overlooked and neglected ecosystems.

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Sisters of the Wilderness: An Evening with Ronit Shapiro

A conversation and sneak preview of a documentary about women’s empowerment and wild nature, by filmmaker Ronit Shapiro.


Connecting to our Roots

This lunch provided an opportunity for our supporters and friends to hear from a fantastic speaker and talk about community and connection. Across a long table, women gathered over a farm-to-table style meal prepared by Tom’s Feast to hear Satish Kumar speak about reconnecting to nature. While eating locally-sourced, delicious, seasonal food, our bodies and our souls were nourished.

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Cycling for Species

Cycling for Species

Our Director of Strategic Conservation Simon Stuart and his wife Ann cycled the length of the UK, from John O’Groats to Land’s End, to raise money for species conservation.

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Last Chance Casino

Last Chance Casino

On the evening of Thursday March 9th, Synchronicity Earth hosted around 250 guests at our spectacular Last Chance Casino at One Embankment in central London. With the support of a dazzling array of artists, entertainers, allies and friends, the focus of the evening was on FUN! We invited guests to gamble for our future (not with it) at roulette and blackjack tables.


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Exploring the Congo Basin

An informal gathering with our partner from Cameroon taking a deeper look at the threats to opportunities for conservation in the Congo Basin.


An Evening with Gunhild Stordalen

An evening at The Conduit, London, exploring the link between food systems, climate change and biodiversity loss with Gunhild Stordalen, the pioneer behind the EAT Foundation.



Tribes on the Edge: An evening with Celine Cousteau

A conversation with Celine Cousteau and sneak preview of documentary Tribes on the Edge, which tells an urgent story of the indigenous peoples of the Javari in the Amazon.



Living World Lunch

On 5th May 2016, Founding Trustee Jessica Sweidan introduced the idea of a Women’s Alliance to build a healthy and abundant legacy for future generations, to a small group of women. She felt that women would respond to her message, and come together to support her and the growth of Synchronicity Earth. The initial response was enormously positive.

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An Evening with Kristine McDivitt Tompkins

An intimate evening with one of the world’s most profound environmental philanthropists who, along with her late husband Doug, has protected more land than any other individual.


Regeneration: Addressing the ‘E’ in ESG

Synchronicity Earth held a ‘Regeneration Breakfast’ at the Royal Institution. These grand surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for us to introduce a new funding drive to help businesses have a positive impact on the natural world whilst also fulfilling the environmental component of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria.

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Synchronicity Earth Deep Dive

An overview of the work that Synchronicity Earth does with a deep dive into some of the issues being addressed by our Conservation Programmes.



An Evening with Lisbet Rausing

Co-founder of Arcadia, one of the UK’s largest foundations, guests were treated to Lisbet’s ideas about supporting the preservation of nature and culture.


Batteries Not Included

The premiere of our film with artist Louis Masai called This is Now at his London solo show Batteries not Included at the Lollipop Gallery.



An Evening with Clare Shenstone

Synchronicity Earth helped to organise a private view of Clare’s extensive work at her home, where guests were able to learn more about her, her passion for the environment and the work of Synchronicity Earth.



Climate Change & Biodiversity

How Can We Take Meaningful Action?

Ahead of the gathering of World leaders in Paris, we discussed the relationship between Climate Change and Biodiversity



Biophilia Ball

Held to honour 50 years of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, the Biophilia Ball brought environmental luminaries, musicians, performers, artists and guests together – amidst the dinosaurs and whales of the Natural History Museum – and guided us on a journey across many landscapes from the frozen arctic to the grasslands of Africa, connecting us to nature through all of our senses.

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Your Century!

On 21st November, Synchronicity Earth invited over one hundred 12 to 18 year olds and their families to an event that marked a milestone in young peoples’ environmental leadership. The event was held at the Royal Geographic Society.

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Disappearing Nature: Biophilia Art Auction

An impressive art auction including works by a range of established and emerging artists, each commenting on our relationship to nature, held at the Natural History Museum.

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