IUCN Species Conservation Planning Sub-Committee

Image: Jessica Sweidan

The IUCN Species Planning Conservation Sub-Committee (SCPSC) is working to build capacity to create effective, strategic plans for species conservation.

The SCPSC is part of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and works with the IUCN’s Specialist Groups, as well as others, to build and strengthen conservation capacity to create species conservation strategies that are realistic, implementable and coordinated.  These plans can then be transformed into action with achievable steps attributed to individuals and organisations so that progress can be monitored and strides made in better protecting species most in need.

These strategic plans are designed to convene stakeholders (communities, conservationists and governments) across all range-states of a species to coordinate cohesive and accountable conservation action – a recipe for long-term success in species protection.

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