Compassion in World Farming

Image: Farm Sanctuary (Flickr)

Compassion in World Farming (CiWF) investigates and exposes the true costs of factory farming, calling to account those with the power to change our food system.

By working in partnership with inspirational supporters, progressive policy makers and visionary companies, they are mobilizing a movement for far-reaching change in our farming that can feed the world and will improve the quality of life for billions of farm animals worldwide.

Our support for CiWF was for Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were, a book written by Chief Executive Philip Lymbery, showing the juxtaposition between caged and confined farm animals, and wildlife that is being pushed to the edge of extinction. This book, and Compassion’s expansive work, paved the way for the Extinction and Livestock conference which was held in October 2017 and brought together over 500 experts, campaigners, policy-makers and business leaders from around the world.


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