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We create programmes to bolster support and funding for urgent conservation challenges.

We do not have a fixed geographical focus. We develop programmes and support partners based on our research, which identifies urgent conservation challenges where there are gaps in funding and action, and threats which are not being fully addressed.

Wherever we support and fund conservation, we always try to be mindful of the bigger picture: who else is working in this area? Who are the other stakeholders with influence?

Is there room for better coordination of action for greater impact? Are there other groups and alliances we can collaborate with?

Our programmes are born from the relationships we build with partners, developing greater understanding of the conservation context and understanding where a more coordinated approach, both to action on the ground and to funding, can help bring about deeper change more quickly.

Why Programmes?

The development of our programmes is a response to some of the obstacles we think can sometimes limit the effectiveness of conservation.

The Congo Basin is a hugely diverse region where there is an urgent need for more effective collaboration and increased funding to conserve precious natural ecosystems and help give local people more of a voice in the region’s future. By our work to connect and support grassroots organisations working in the region and our work to bring more funding to them, we increase the scope and impact of their work.

The high and deep seas constitute a vast region of the planet that is out of sight and out of mind for all but a few committed conservationists. There is an urgent need to step up action to develop stronger governance and protection for these fundamental ecosystems that are so vulnerable to overexploitation and pollution.

Freshwater has been called a ‘cinderalla issue’ by some in the conservation community. Conservation of freshwater species and habitats has been consistently overlooked and underfunded, while the ‘arteries of our planet’ have been contaminated, clogged with waste and suffered massive disruption from the proliferation of dams built in recent decades for often highly damaging and contentious hydropower projects. One of our key priorities is to ‘move the dial’ on freshwater conservation: we are doing everything we can to bring influential stakeholders, from IUCN freshwater species specialists to international bodies and local groups working on the ground, together to coordinate a more effective approach and to bring in more funding to a space that desperately needs it.

Amphibians are the most threatened group of species on Earth, which is why we have taken an instrumental role in supporting and bolstering the Amphibian Survival Alliance, the best chance we have to ensure these incredible animals are able to survive and thrive, despite the multiple threats they are facing. Our White-bellied heron Programme, despite the name, is about more than a single species. Developed to coordinate action to protect this beautiful, Critically Endangered bird, the partners working in this programme are dedicated to protecting habitats, spreading environmental awareness, and enhancing collaboration between different regions and countries where the remaining birds are found.

We try to keep ahead of the curve to anticipate some of the most pressing emerging threats to wildlife and wild places. Our research team are currently working on a strategy to bring together groups involved in conserving Asian species in collaboration with the Asian Species Action Partnership. They are also looking at the potential to develop programmes in West Africa and Melanesia.

Not all of the partners we support belong to a programme, but where possible we always look at how their work fits into the bigger picture, give them access to support networks to connect them to others working on the same issue and do all we can to amplify their impact.

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