Conservation Evidence

Image: Robin Moore

Synchronicity Earth  funded Conservation Evidence, based at Cambridge University, to produce a synopsis for conservation evidence for amphibians.  

The group works on the premise that conservation practitioners largely base their activities on their own experience, and that of others within the given region, and they they often all have restricted access to published literature. The group’s vision is to change global conservation practice by collating, reviewing and disseminating the science on the interventions that can maintain and restore global biodiversity.

The synopses review the evidence on interventions such as protecting and restoring habitat; tackling invasive species; activities to prevent disease; and addressing climate change. The amphibian synopsis covers 107 conservation interventions and summarises 416 studies that tested these actions.

As well as funding this work, Synchronicity Earth has helped bring the scientists from the Conservation Evidence Group together with other experts, such as the Amphibian Survival Alliance, to ensure the list of interventions is exhaustive and dissemination is as widespread as possible.

Please see here for the completed Amphibian Conservation Evidence for the the effects of interventions.

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