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Our Team

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  • Anna Heath

    Programme and Partner Manager

    Anna joined Synchronicity Earth in September 2016 as a Junior Research Analyst. She had an international upbringing, spending most of her life in Thailand before moving back to the UK for university. She managed to stay in one place long enough to gain an MSci in Environmental Biology from Universit

  • Félix Feider

    Programme Officer - Research Team

    Félix joined Synchronicity Earth in October 2020 as Programme Officer. He gathered extensive knowledge of conservation science and environmental policy and governance during his time at the Secretariats of the UN Convention on Migratory Species and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, where h

  • Gemma Goodman

    Head of Conservation Programmes (Senior Leadership Team)

    Gemma joined Synchronicity Earth in January 2012. She was previously working for TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network; working on issues relating to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), collection of species specific data regarding hu

  • Isha Tickoo

    Events and Engagement Coordinator

    Isha joined the Synchronicity Earth team in September 2022 as Events and Engagement Coordinator, specialising in science engagement and education, with a background in ecological field research. Her passion for youth and community-based conservation professionally began as a researcher at Wild Otter

  • Jessie Birabil

    Communications Intern

    Jessie has just finished studying A-Levels in English Language and Literature, Sociology, and Geography. After completing a 2-week summer placement with Synchronicity Earth, she secured a role as a Communications Intern in October 2022. Jessie is keen on gaining more knowledge and experience in the

  • Jim Pettiward

    Head of Communications (Senior Leadership Team)

    Jim’s background is in education and training, a field in which he has held a number of roles including designing and writing resources for the web, developing teacher training resources and workshops, teaching effective research and writing skills and providing online learning support for student

  • Judith Hartley

    Due Diligence Officer

    Judith joined the staff team at Synchronicity Earth in April 2021 as Due Diligence Officer, having previously been contracted as a consultant to carry out organisational health assessments on Synchronicity Earth’s potential and current partner organisations. Judith is an experienced charity financ

  • Judith Twentyman

    Head of Finance and Risk (Senior Leadership Team)

    Judith joined Synchronicity Earth in October 2018. She is a Chartered Accountant with 25 years’ experience in finance having held senior roles in both the commercial sector at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Laporte plc and in the charitable sector as Chief Financial Officer of Impetus – The Private

  • Julie Langevin

    Head of Philanthropy (Senior Leadership Team)

    Julie joined Synchronicity Earth as Philanthropy Manager in September 2020, after 10 years working as a fundraiser for environmental law organisation, ClientEarth. During her time at ClientEarth, she has grown from Development assistant to manager overseeing the management of the organisation’s po

  • Laura Tyley

    Communications Lead, Flourishing Diversity

    Laura is dedicated to utilising her 9 years of marketing experience to strengthen global movements bringing about systemic change benefiting Mother Earth and all those within her. Laura started her marketing career as an apprentice and went on to work for several international companies, before deci

  • Luke Heseltine

    Administration Officer

    Luke joined Synchronicity Earth in July 2022 as our Administration Officer. He has a BSc in Zoology from the University of Manchester, and also studied at Manchester Metropolitan University where he received an MSc in Animal Behaviour. After his studies Luke spent a year at Chester Zoo where he unde

  • Manisa Jain

    Finance and Risk Officer

    Manisa joined Synchronicity Earth in January 2021 as Finance and Risk Officer following a volunteer role with the organisation from March 2020. She is a Charity Accountant with previous experience in finance having held roles in both banking and in the charitable sector. Manisa is also Treasurer and

  • Meg Chatterton

    Philanthropy Officer

    Meg joined Synchronicity Earth in January 2022 as Philanthropy Officer. She has completed her master’s in International Development, Social Justice and Sustainability, where she spent time on placement with the Gaia Foundation. Meg is passionate about addressing the social injustices related to en

  • Michael Edmondstone

    Communications Lead, SHOAL

    Michael has more than 10 years experience working in various marketing and communications positions. He started out as a journalist in Tanzania in 2009, and subsequently worked in the corporate sector in digital marketing and online PR, before moving over to work in environmental communications in 2

  • Mike Baltzer

    Executive Director, SHOAL

    Mike is a conservation biologist with over 30 years of experience in Asia, Africa and Europe. He started his career undertaking and leading biological inventory expeditions in Uganda, Vietnam and Indonesia. He has since specialised in leading large, complex, multi-country focused conservation progra

  • Miriam Supuma

    Programme Manager, Biocultural Diversity

    Miriam joined Synchronicity Earth in April 2021. She has been working with conservation organisations in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for over 10 years; the Wildlife Conservation Society-PNG Program and later the Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research Inc (IBR). Her experience includes fundrais

  • Nina Seale

    Communications and Engagement Officer

    Nina joined Synchronicity Earth in May 2019 as Engagement Assistant after three years of working for wildlife conservation charity World Land Trust. She was introduced to field conservation in South Africa, where she was a safari guide, and this inspired her to study Zoology at the University of Edi

  • Owandji-Virji Okutu

    Information Systems Manager

    Owandji-Virji joined Synchronicity Earth in June 2018 as our Finance and Operations Assistant and has since taken on a new role as Operations Officer. Previously at Mosaiqe, a wooden watch organisation helping to plant trees in impoverished African lands, his background has seen him operate in vario