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Adam Sweidan is a founding member and Chief Investment Officer of Aurum Research Ltd. He has been investing in the alternative investment industry for more than 20 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Northwestern University. In 1995 Adam formed a partnership with Jessica Sweidan to create a philanthropic foundation, Synchronicity Foundation. In 2007, they began exploring how to have a greater impact within the conservation realm, and decided to start a new charity, Synchronicity Earth, which launched in November 2009. More recently Adam (along with Jessica Sweidan) has been appointed an IUCN Patron of Nature. Patrons of Nature play a key role in advising IUCN’s top management on a wide range of strategic issues related to IUCN’s work, as well as helping to raise the visibility of IUCN, strengthen their funding base and reach out to decision makers. In March 2015 Adam and Jessica were appointed as Honorary Conservation Fellows at the Zoological Society of London.

Deeper Thinking

THE SPHINX Yeats’s ominous post-World War I poem is subject to any number of interpretations, but the vision of a terrifying new era is evident, as is the message: we are waking up to a nightmare. Its relevance today is plain.  Simply put, we have reaped the rewards of technological progress without due [...]

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The Importance of the ‘E’ in ESG

This article was originally posted on Pension Funds Online on 7th August 2015. Aurum's Adam Sweidan calls for the investment industry to help preserve the environment. The investment industry manages money; pensions for our future and wealth for future generations. But what future are we saving for if we do not preserve the environment? We [...]

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