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Our Strategy 2023 – 2027

As Synchronicity Earth has evolved and grown, we have spent time reflecting on the historic impact of our funding and the work of our partners. We have carefully considered our role – and responsibilities – as part of the wider conservation ecosystem and where we can have most influence to deliver the greatest impact. We believe the goals and objectives we set out in our Strategy under our three core focus areas – Conservation, Capacity, and Culture – are realistic and achievable; however, we also recognise that we are working in complex and ever-changing contexts, so our strategy is designed to be adaptable, allowing us to flex to meet new challenges or reassess what we can achieve and how.

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Built into our strategy is a recognition that protecting and restoring nature calls for multiple approaches, a broader and more inclusive movement for change, and a sense of urgency combined with holistic, long-term thinking about how we see our future. We believe that the best way to meet the ecological challenges the world is facing is with positivity and creative energy, buoyed by the successes we see and the green shoots of a growing movement that is demanding change.