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Synchronicity Earth is an environmental charity registered in the UK. We act to address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems. We do this through independent analysis of conservation action and gaps in funding, using this information to devise conservation programmes to address the most urgent challenges. We also help donors to understand and fund work to conserve wildlife and wild places and engage creatively with others to highlight the importance and wonder of nature.

Our Vision is a world in which biological and cultural diversity are valued, celebrated, and flourishing.

Synchronicity Earth

27-29 Cursitor Street, London, EC4A 1LT

Tel: +44 (0)207 5810 100


Registered Charity No.1132786.

Registered in England and Wales No.06952204

The purpose of this policy

To fulfil our charitable aims and objectives we need to communicate with a range of people in a variety of ways: face to face, via post, telephone or electronic mail, on social media and through our website. To be effective, we need to collect and store data provided to us by donors, potential donors, supporters of our work, visitors to our website, guests at our events, conservation partners (grantees) and suppliers. This data will always and only be used to further our charitable aim: to conserve threatened species and ecosystems.

This policy explains the nature of the personal data we collect and why we collect it. Our aim is to ensure that we are transparent and honest about the data we collect, and to give users better understanding and control over the data we maintain about them.

Changes to data protection laws for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are designed to better protect an individual’s privacy and rights regarding the use of their data. Synchronicity Earth is fully committed to protecting the privacy and security of everybody we communicate with.

What is personal data?

The Information Commissioner’s Office identifies personal information as ‘any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier.’ An identifier could be a name, email address, telephone number, social media handle, photograph, address, payment details, organisational affiliation etc.

What personal data do we collect?

We collect data you knowingly and voluntarily give to us, including information you provide when you register for our newsletter, make a donation, communicate with us – through a face to face meeting or via email or post, attend one of our events, use our website or interact with us on social media. This data may include:

  • Personal details (name, email address, telephone contacts and postal address)
  • Financial information, such as gift aid information
  • Details of your interests and preferences, such as programme and event interests
  • Organisational affiliation

We also maintain a record of your activities and involvement with Synchronicity Earth so that we have a history of event attendances, donations, interests and enquiries. This assists us in improving our communications.

Why do we collect personal data?

As an environmental charity, our key goals are to bring more funding into nature conservation and raise awareness of the connections we share with the natural world. To do this, we need to keep our supporters up to date with our work, we need to engage in fundraising and awareness raising activities, which depend on us developing and maintaining open channels of communication with various individuals and organisations. We collect personal data in order to:

  • Maintain a list of people who have donated to us before so we can keep them updated on the impact of their donation;
  • maintain a record of individuals from whom we are able to claim gift aid;
  • keep information on donors up to date;
  • keep donors and supporters informed of events we are running which we think will be of interest to them;
  • keep a record of donors who we think may wish to donate to our work in future;
  • keep supporters, donors and anybody who has shown an interest in our work (e.g. through signing up for our newsletter, adding an email address to a list at one of our events) up to date with our latest news;
  • monitor usage of our website and social media output, evaluate and improve the content on our website;
  • analysis: We may carry out analysis on our supporters and donors to determine the success of our fundraising and events to inform our approach and understand how we can improve our communications and fundraising strategy;
  • maintain a list of people who we are in regular communication with;
  • maintain a list of people who have opted out of any of our communications so we know not to contact them.

How we communicate with you

Sending our news updates

So that we can keep supporters and donors informed of our activities we send out a newsletter by email every two months. Our legal basis for the collection and processing of personal data to do this is ‘Legitimate Interest. Our newsletter gives information on the work we fund, key news and events in environmental conservation and other activities we undertake. We view providing this information as an essential part of serving our donors and supporters. Any recipient can unsubscribe from our newsletter by using the ‘Unsubscribe’ option in the email or by contacting us (contact details above).

If you do not currently receive our newsletter but wish to receive it, you can sign up, either through our website or by contacting us at

Sending information on events and fundraising

Our legal basis for processing data to send email invitations for events and information on fundraising is ‘Consent’. We will continue to send information to our donors and supporters who have attended events in the past, however, recipients are free to change their contact preferences at any time by contacting us by telephone, post or email (contact details above) or by using the unsubscribe option in the email they receive. New supporters will be asked if they would like to receive this information in person or can opt in to receive it via our newsletter or through our website.

Communicating with donors

We send information to donors to fulfil our duties as a charity when we receive a donation. This may include information on Gift Aid, updates on funded work and news about the organisation. The legal basis for these communications is ‘Contract Performance’.

Sending information by post

We occasionally send information by post to our donors and supporters, including invitations to events and an annual report. Our legal basis for the collection and processing of personal data to do this is ‘Legitimate Interest. However, you can ‘opt-out’ of these communications at any time by contacting us by telephone, email or by post (contact details above).

Compliance with Money Laundering regulation and assessing reputation risk

Synchronicity Earth follows guidance from the Charities Commission (‘Know your donor’ toolkit) to ensure that we comply with Money Laundering regulation and assess the potential reputation risk to the charity when receiving a large donation. To do this we undertake recommended checks in verifying the identity and activities of a donor, which may involve research on public information available about an individual or an organisation, or asking additional questions of the donor.

Updating your information

Please let us know if your personal information changes. We would like to make sure we are only sending you the information that you are interested in and that it reaches you in the format you prefer. To update your information please contact us by telephone, email or post (contact details above).

Applying for a job with us

If you apply