The state of freshwater: reasons for hope

Fisherman in the Mekong River © Shutterstock

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The state of biodiversity has been in the news again these past few weeks, with high-profile reports like the Global Biodiversity Outlook 5 (by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity) and Living Planet Report 2020 (by the Zoological Society of London and World Wildlife Fund) generating depressing headlines. Among Earth’s fragile natural systems, freshwater ecosystems consistently emerge as some of the most threatened.

And yet, the ability for freshwater ecosystems and species to recover when remedial action is taken is incredibly exciting. Synchronicity Earth has been supporting freshwater conservation almost since its inception, and has witnessed extraordinary organisations making unprecedented successes. Conservation works, we just need more of it, and if we can scale up our efforts to protect freshwater for all the species dependent on it, including ourselves, these trends can be reversed.

Some of the figures on freshwater make for