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Founding Trustee

Jessica Sweidan has been an active philanthropist for the last 20 years. Her journey began almost straight out of university, when she formed a partnership with Adam Sweidan, to create The Synchronicity Foundation. She oversaw donations to a range of projects, including themes in education, environment, social justice, economic upliftment, art, health care, relief efforts and children’s well-being. The Synchronicity Foundation has worked with over 70 projects in nearly 40 countries. In 2007, the environment became a priority: it underscored most themes that they were addressing, and upon close examination, found it to be a severely under-funded, and under-supported sector. Exploring how to have a greater impact within the conservation realm - and recognising that biodiversity loss was the least well appreciated and most poorly addressed of all - they launched Synchronicity Earth in November 2009. Jessica plays an active role at Synchronicity Earth, developing its profile, networks and events. Jessica is also an IUCN Patron of Nature, helping to raise the visibility of global conservation needs worldwide. And, she was appointed Honorary Conservation Fellow at the Zoological Society of London in March 2015. Jessica has a degree in Philosophy from Northwestern University.

What the hell is water?

On the week of Synchronicity Earth’s tenth anniversary, Founder Jessica Sweidan reflects on the cultural shifts toward conservation we have seen in the past decade. Our work on the ground with people, in places where biodiversity is rich and often, the most threatened, is the primary focus of the day [...]

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The Role of Philanthropy

There has been a lot of discussion in the media of late about the value and role of philanthropy. Is it well-directed? Can it have impact? If a key purpose of philanthropy is to find solutions for some of the most complicated problems of our time, will it ever be enough? [...]

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Synchronicity Earth Deeper Thinking Series

“Dwelling is not primarily inhabiting but taking care of and creating that space within which something comes into its own and flourishes.”  - Martin Heidegger We want nature conservation to become mainstream. By fostering an understanding of our impact on the natural world, the scale and causes of biodiversity loss, and how this [...]

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Human Nature: Thinking about culture, values and the environment

The Role of Culture in Getting Us Into, and Out of, the Environmental Crisis We Face The first event in the Synchronicity Earth Deeper Thinking Series was so popular, we had to find a bigger venue. This was enormously encouraging, suggesting to us that our (small) community is ready to dig deep. [...]

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Empowering deeper change at Bioneers

I recently curated a philanthropy panel at Bioneers 2016 entitled Empowering Deeper Change. We looked at how we – in the philanthropic sector – might better bridge the gap between the needs of the planet and our current capacity to address that gap, systemically. The panel was made up of Directors* from five very different organisations**, each [...]

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