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Catherine uses her experience in markets and risk management, combined with her fascination of the natural world, to analyse gaps in environmental risk and impact reporting. She engages in initiatives across markets to address the structural obstacles that stand in the way of more responsible environmental stewardship. She is also involved in Operational development at Synchronicity Earth. Catherine worked at J.P. Morgan in both foreign exchange derivatives and equity derivatives. As Managing Director and Head of Equity Derivative Trading globally she was also a member of the J.P.Morgan Risk Committee and the European Equity Research Committee. She then took a career break and became involved in environmental conservation. She returned to the financial markets to undertake project work for Ferox Capital and then joined the team at Synchronicity Earth at the beginning of 2014. Catherine has a degree in Chemistry from Oxford University.

Changing how I see the world

Synchronicity Earth Trustee Catherine Bryan describes how her perception of the world around her has shifted since she moved into the environmental sector eight years ago, and explores the capacity we all have to help bring about positive change for nature. Giving nature space Writing during this summer’s unprecedented heat [...]

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Making finance work for nature

Our global economic system relies on a wide range of financial services to operate. From bank loans to public offerings of shares and from insurance to trade finance. Most of these financial transactions will have an impact on the natural world: directly, for example, through a loan to a timber extraction company, or indirectly, [...]

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Joining forces to fund conservation where it’s most needed

Pooled funding - where several donors and foundations contribute funds to a central pot - can reduce the burden on small, local organisations who might otherwise have to use vital resources filling in multiple grant applications and writing reports for numerous different donors. In this post, Synchronicity Earth CEO Catherine Bryan explains how a [...]

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