Sophie Grange-Chamfray

About Sophie Grange-Chamfray

Knowledge & Learning Manager

Sophie Grange-Chamfray joined Synchronicity Earth in November 2018 as our Programme Manager. She has been working in wildlife conservation since 2002 and has expertise in project design and management, fundraising, statistical and spatial analysis, and innovative conservation tools. She has worked for several NGOs, including Endangered Wildlife Trust (South Africa), IGF Foundation (France), Rainforest Foundation UK and the International Institute for Environment and Development. Before coming to Synchronicity Earth, she was working as Project Coordinator for the Africa Conservation Programme at the Zoological Society of London. Sophie holds a MSc in Analysis and Modelling of Biological Systems from University of Lyon, and a PhD on the Population ecology and modelling of wild equids from University of Poitiers. She was also a Post-doctoral Fellow and Assistant Lecturer at University of the Witwatersrand. She has field experience in France, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Bahrain.

On a learning journey to support locally-led conservation

Sophie Grange-Chamfray, Synchronicity Earth Knowledge and Learning Manager, reflects on what she has learnt through her work with locally-led conservation organisations in the Congo Basin.  At Synchronicity Earth, developing trusted and open relationships with our partners (‘grantees’) is at the core of our conservation programmes. This approach is deeply rooted [...]

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Guardians of nature in the Congo Basin

Sophie Grange-Chamfray, Knowledge & Learning Manager at Synchronicity Earth, dives into the importance of local communities and Indigenous Peoples as guardians of nature, and the historical importance of the acceptance in the first instance of a proposed law to promote and protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Democratic Republic of Congo in [...]

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