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Meet Dr Pria Ghosh

Pria Ghosh joined the Synchronicity Earth research team in October 2020. With her expertise in amphibian conservation and particularly in amphibian disease, Pria was well placed to take the lead on our amphibian conservation programme. In this interview, she talks about how she came to work with amphibians, describes her new role at Synchronicity [...]

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What can I do for nature? Four Steps for the Earth

One of the most common questions asked of environmentalists is ‘What can I do?’. The answer is different for every individual, but a new framework released in a study today is the ‘Mitigation and Conservation Hierarchy’, or ‘Four Steps for the Earth’. Two of the authors of this study, Hollie Booth (DPhil researcher at [...]

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Turning a lens on community-based conservation

Chris Scarffe is an environmental filmmaker who has been lucky enough to work in some of Earth’s most unique and diverse locations, both on land and underwater. In 2019, Synchronicity Earth worked with Chris to produce a film to celebrate our tenth anniversary and showcase the brilliant work being done by some of the [...]

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Stepping up for our closest living cousins

Apes are our closest living cousins... In fact, we’re just a pair of chromosomes apart. Actually, we are apes. Humans and non-human apes all evolved from a common ancestor about 14 million years ago – not that long in the grand scheme of things. We are most closely related to chimps and bonobos, while gorillas [...]

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A teenager’s perspective: What is a 21st century environmentalist?

For International Youth Day, work experience student George Yardley writes about the label of 'environmentalist' in the 21st century: what it is perceived to be and what it should be.  When I think of a 21st century environmentalist what comes to mind is an extremist - someone who doesn’t drive, doesn’t fly, doesn’t use plastic, [...]

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Fashioning our Future

The Fabric of Life Series was designed to highlight people and projects working to save species and ecosystems threatened by the fashion industry. It aimed to provide  a better understanding of the threats that the current fashion supply chain presents to people and nature, introduce innovative solutions and organisations that are addressing these threats [...]

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