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It is with sadness, but also pride and our full support that we wish Katy Scholfield well in her new role at Arcus Foundation – a great friend and partner of Synchronicity Earth – where Katy is taking up a new position as Director of Strategic Grantmaking for the Great Apes and Gibbons Programme. While we will all miss Katy greatly, we are delighted to know that she will be bringing her depth of knowledge and experience to bear on Arcus Foundation’s mission to conserve Earth’s most threatened apes, great and small.

As Katy moves on to a new chapter in her career, she leaves behind a profound and lasting legacy at Synchronicity Earth. Katy has been a driving force behind Synchronicity Earth’s mission and impact since the organisation was founded over 11 years ago. She has played a pivotal role in developing Synchronicity Earth, steering our course as we identified overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges not getting the attention and resources they so urgently needed.

Katy developed our Congo Basin Programme from an initial idea to a successful, multi-funder programme helping to lead the way in its strategic support for the communities and organisations working to protect the extraordinarily biodiverse yet neglected forests of the Congo Basin. For many years, Katy has championed Indigenous Peoples’ rights, biocultural diversity, food sovereignty and land rights, a process which has recently culminated in the launch of our new Biocultural Diversity Programme (formerly the Flourishing Diversity Programme). Along with so much else she has brought to Synchronicity Earth, by laying such solid foundations for these two programmes and building a base of funding support for each of them, Katy leaves us in an excellent position to take forward and expand this vital work.

“It has been an honour and a joy to work alongside Katy all these years. Not only has she played a profound role in shaping Synchronicity Earth – but she has shaped us. We remain indebted to Katy for her pioneering approaches and for putting her heart and soul into all her work. We will miss Katy enormously, but are so grateful that she will stay within the Synch Earth family.” – Jessica and Adam Sweidan

Katy will continue to be connected to Synchronicity Earth in an advisory capacity whilst also contributing her knowledge and experience to our work as she joins our Synchronicity Earth USA Board. From all of us who have worked with Katy at Synchronicity Earth, thank you! It has been a fantastic journey, and we’ve all learnt so much.

I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed ten happy years working within a creative, dynamic and supportive team at Synchronicity Earth. I feel very proud of what we have achieved in that time, especially the two programmes I have developed: Congo Basin and Flourishing Diversity. I am certain that Synchronicity Earth will continue to go from strength to strength. I am very much looking forward to the exciting opportunity that awaits me as I join the team at Arcus Foundation.” – Katy Scholfield

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