Meet our Latin America affiliate, Grace Iara Souza

Grace Iara Souza (left) with colleagues from IUCN Commission on Environmental, Social, and Political Policy (CEESP)

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Over the past 18 years, Dr Grace Iara Souza has developed a deep understanding of the impacts of global environmental governance and social policies on local rainforest defenders in the Brazilian Amazon. Her academic training is rooted in Political Ecology, and her professional experience includes project management in the educational, private, and charity sectors, teaching in higher education and researching environmental conservation and development.

Grace spends some of her time advising Synchronicity Earth as our Latin America affiliate. Her knowledge and experience working with conservationists and policymakers in Brazil and Latin America provides a vital bridge, both in terms of knowledge and culture, between our partners on the ground and our London-based team. In this interview, she speaks to Jim Pettiward about her pathway into environmental conservation.