Pria Ghosh

About Pria Ghosh

Programme Officer - Research Team

Pria joined Synchronicity Earth in October 2020. Before this she was researching amphibian chytridiomycosis, a disease that has caused unprecedented species declines globally. She developed cost-effective molecular diagnostics for Bd, the fungal pathogen which causes chytridiomycosis. These diagnostics are now used to identify local disease dynamics and carry out ongoing monitoring of areas deemed to be high risk for pathogen emergence, primarily in Southern Africa. As well as a long-standing interest in amphibian conservation, she is especially interested in how community and ecosystem health can be improved together, synergistically. She completed a PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Environmental Sciences at Imperial College London and North West University, South Africa, and an MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London.

What is agroforestry?

The agroecological systems of farmers, growers, and Indigenous Peoples everywhere have shaped and cared for landscapes for millennia. Ecosystems that we may perceive as pristine wildernesses are in fact culturally rich, productive, and carefully managed landscapes which have supported both people and wildlife since time immemorial thanks to the stewardship of those living there. [...]

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Not forgotten any longer: the Gigantes forest frog

Pria Ghosh introduces one of our Amphibian Programme partners: Project Palaka, the first amphibian conservation programme using captive breeding in the Philippines. On a group of remote islands of the Philippines, amid growing tourism, white-sand beaches, and dramatic limestone caves, a small brown frog has been quietly slipping away. The [...]

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The Amphibian Conservation Fund – catalysing support for amphibians

Synchronicity Earth, in collaboration with Fondation Segré and Oak Foundation, is delighted to launch the Amphibian Conservation Fund, an exciting initiative to catalyse urgently needed philanthropic support for the world’s most threatened vertebrates – the amphibians.  Synchronicity Earth was founded to support the most overlooked and underfunded of conservation issues [...]

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Confronting chytrid: the fight to save the world’s amphibians

In the 20th century, a new infectious disease emerged and caused an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. Chytridiomycosis, a fungal skin infection, has compounded an amphibian extinction crisis driven by habitat loss, overharvesting and pollution, resulting in 40 per cent of amphibians being threatened with extinction.  Today, over 20 years after the first chytrid fungus was [...]

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