Claire Adler

About Claire Adler

Communications Assistant

Claire specialises in content writing and digital copyediting. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she spent much of her childhood hiking and camping in the beautiful Wasatch mountains. Living near exceptionally biodiverse wilderness, ranging from high alpine tundra, to lush aspen forest, to harsh red rock desert, instilled a lifelong reverence for the natural world. Her passion for writing led her first to New York City and then to Cambridge, where she earned a master’s degree in medieval literature. Guided by an interest in environmental storytelling, her research analysed Christianity’s impact on premodern relationships to landscape, and connected those ideas to contemporary climate crisis. Following her degree, she worked as a digital communications editor and educational writer, before joining Synchronicity Earth as Communications Assistant in November 2022. Her experience as a writer and copyeditor enables her to demonstrate the value of our unique approach to conservation to a diverse audience.

Five success stories from 2022

With the UN  Convention on Biological Diversity’s new agreement dominating conservation headlines, it can be easy to lose sight of the people working every day to protect our planet’s biodiversity on the ground. However, throughout 2022, our partners restored ecosystems, protected endangered species, and collaborated with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to build a [...]

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