Keep them in the running

Staff member Michael Edmondstone will be running the London Marathon dressed as an overlooked and underfunded species. But which one? You decide. In early July, Victoria, Synchronicity Earth’s Head of Relationships and Operations, told me there was a London Marathon place available through the organisation, and would I like to [...]

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Four conservation stories from 2021 to make you smile

2021 has presented many challenges for conservation, with COVID-19 continuing to prevent safe engagement with communities, causing delays or cancellations to in-person events, and affecting marginalised communities the hardest. However, our team at Synchronicity Earth continue to be inspired by the resilience and resourcefulness of our partners, who continue to do extraordinary work to [...]

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In search of secret wildlife Part I: Lost fishes

As our partner Shoal announce an exciting quest to find the world’s ten ‘most wanted’ lost species of freshwater fish, Nina Seale explores the importance of finding lost species and advancing conservation knowledge to address the biodiversity crisis. Humongous ‘fossil fish’ resurfaced after at least a century in West Indian [...]

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Recognising the rights of rivers

Rivers are the planet’s arteries of life and are intrinsically linked to human well-being, history, culture, spirituality and politics. Yet, our legal system has largely proven to be ill-equipped to protect the world’s rivers and their inhabitants. A growing global movement sets out to change this by legally recognising and implementing the inherent rights [...]

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The state of freshwater: reasons for hope

The state of biodiversity has been in the news again these past few weeks, with high-profile reports like the Global Biodiversity Outlook 5 (by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity) and Living Planet Report 2020 (by the Zoological Society of London and World Wildlife Fund) generating depressing headlines. Among Earth’s fragile natural systems, [...]

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The forests of freshwater

Freshwater habitats are not just rivers, and conserving freshwater species can be done hand-in-hand with local fisheries, says Merlin Veron, Research Analyst at Synchronicity Earth and its Freshwater partner Shoal. As you carefully step across the forest floor, it erupts with life, thousands of insects crashing between the dry leaves [...]

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