Our connection with the ocean

The ocean is intrinsically entwined with our experience of the world, influencing our climate, our air, our food, our energy and more. Yet for many people, particularly those who live away from the coast, what is happening underwater, beyond our shores, feels too far away to contemplate or care about. But re-establishing the vital [...]

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The new and improved Ocean Programme sets sail

Our High and Deep Seas Programme has been focused on these two overlooked areas of marine conservation for seven years. Building on its success, this programme has now been redeveloped into a broader Ocean Programme, expanding into new areas of critical but underfunded marine conservation. Programme and Partner Manager Anna Heath describes this exciting [...]

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In search of secret wildlife Part IV: The ocean depths

Continuing our ‘In search of secret wildlife’ series, Nina Seale dives into the mysteries surrounding marine ecology and conservation, exploring the dangers that mining and industrial fishing present when so little is known about the potential impact. We know so little about our ocean, we can’t even guess the number [...]

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Funding destruction: we need to talk about fisheries subsidies

Fishing for human consumption is thought to be the biggest driver of biodiversity loss in our oceans, according to the recent Living Planet Report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Seafood is an important part of the diet of more than 3 billion people, and fisheries and aquaculture [...]

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The forests of freshwater

Freshwater habitats are not just rivers, and conserving freshwater species can be done hand-in-hand with local fisheries, says Merlin Veron, Research Analyst at Synchronicity Earth and its Freshwater partner Shoal. As you carefully step across the forest floor, it erupts with life, thousands of insects crashing between the dry leaves [...]

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An Interview with Claire Nouvian

In 2018, Claire Nouvian, Founder and Chair of BLOOM Association (BLOOM), was awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize (Europe) for her tireless campaigning on vital and urgent marine conservation issues. Synchronicity Earth has been supporting BLOOM for over five years, so we were delighted and proud to see Claire and her team recognised as [...]

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Conserving freshwater fish: an interview with Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade is a TV presenter, angler and author, best known for the series River Monsters and, more recently, Mighty Rivers. With a background as a biologist, Jeremy has visited many of the world’s most iconic rivers and lakes, seen and fished for some of their most extraordinary species and witnessed the changes happening [...]

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Shoal: refreshing freshwater conservation

An Interview with Mike Baltzer (Executive Director of Shoal) Mike Baltzer joined Shoal as its Executive Director (hosted by Synchronicity Earth) on October 1. Prior to starting this role, he was with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for 18 years. For the last nine years, he was the head of their global tiger programme [...]

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Thinking big on freshwater conservation

Sinking sharks and freshwater pandas When people think about Earth’s larger animals they usually think of the tiger burning bright in Asia’s forests, or great herds of wildebeest sweeping across the African savannah. The amazing cinematography of shows like the BBC’s Blue Planet has even brought the larger species of the world’s oceans [...]

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