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Engaging the finance sector on biodiversity

When it comes to the ‘E’ in ‘ESG’ (Environmental, Social and Governance), impact on biodiversity is often overlooked compared to climate action. A ShareAction report on asset managers’ approach to biodiversity has highlighted the main reasons why biodiversity is excluded and what can be done to move the finance sector towards a net positive [...]

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What can I do for nature? Four Steps for the Earth

One of the most common questions asked of environmentalists is ‘What can I do?’. The answer is different for every individual, but a new framework released in a study today is the ‘Mitigation and Conservation Hierarchy’, or ‘Four Steps for the Earth’. Two of the authors of this study, Hollie Booth (DPhil researcher at [...]

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Making finance work for nature

Our global economic system relies on a wide range of financial services to operate. From bank loans to public offerings of shares and from insurance to trade finance. Most of these financial transactions will have an impact on the natural world: directly, for example, through a loan to a timber extraction company, or indirectly, [...]

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If we’re going to talk climate, we need to talk conservation

2020 is a big year for climate action. It is the start of a decade of climate action. But if we're talking climate, we need to be talking about conservation and regeneration, argues our CEO Kirsty Schneeberger. 2020 is a big year for climate and a big year for biodiversity. [...]

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Regeneration through Agroecology – Building healthy food and farming systems in West Africa

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts about our exciting new Regeneration initiative. The AgroEcology Fund (AEF) is a multi-donor fund committed to supporting diverse individuals and groups around the world – from women’s cooperatives to university scientists – to develop agroecological solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on their environment and [...]

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What is Regeneration and how does it build biodiversity and support communities?

Around the world farming, mining, industrial production and many other activities are changing landscapes at an alarming rate. Often the result is a fragmented landscape, with ‘islands’ of forest or mangroves separated by cleared and degraded areas. One way we can look to restore landscapes is to regenerate their natural biodiversity, slowly rebuilding the [...]

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Experience is everything. Well, it counts for a lot – especially in conservation

I've just returned from visiting Hutan, one of the organisations we support in Sabah, Borneo. I went because at its heart, it is about orang-utans, and at my heart, one might say I'm about orang-utans too. I've met many of our project partners - we are lucky to be based in London, a city [...]

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