Whose land is it anyway?

CFLEDD (Coalition of Women Leaders for the Environment and Sustainable Development) is a growing movement of women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) advocating for women’s land rights and sustainable development. We spoke to Néné Mainzana, the President of CFLEDD, who explained why now is a critical moment to advance land rights [...]

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Human rights advocate killed in DRC palm oil conflict

Synchronicity Earth is deeply saddened to report the death of Joël Imbangola Lunea, a human rights advocate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The following contains extracts from the press release published by Synchronicity Earth’s partner Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN) and human rights organisation RIAO-RDC. The full article can be read here.A member [...]

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Agroecology for people and planet

An Interview with Daniel Moss, Executive Director of the Agroecology Fund (AEF). The Agroecology Fund  began life as a collaboration between four funders, three from the US and one from Europe, who all shared the same objective of supporting agroecology. Alongside the work they were already doing within their Foundations, these funders decided that they could [...]

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Turning the tide for High Seas Conservation

A once-in-a-generation opportunity to revolutionise ocean governance kicks off at the United Nations Human impact has become ubiquitous across the ocean. Plastic has been found over 10,000 metres deep in the Mariana Trench, fishing takes place in over 90 per cent of marine waters, and all of the ocean is experiencing serious changes [...]

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Cameroonian Environmental Activist arrested

Cameroonian environmental activist Nasako Besingi was arrested on Monday morning (25th September) in Mundemba, southwest Cameroon, at the headquarters of his NGO, SEFE (Struggle to Economize the Future Environment). The premises are reported to have been ransacked and Nasako arrested by a large group of police and soldiers and taken away in the back [...]

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