Conservation Optimism

Five success stories from 2022

With the UN  Convention on Biological Diversity’s new agreement dominating conservation headlines, it can be easy to lose sight of the people working every day to protect our planet’s biodiversity on the ground. However, throughout 2022, our partners restored ecosystems, protected endangered species, and collaborated with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to build a [...]

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Champions of the Endangered

On June 2022, Synchronicity Earth and the Ellen Fund invited friends, partners, and beyond to share stories which celebrate conservationists doing inspiring work to protect threatened species and ecosystems as part of the #ChampionsOfTheEndangered campaign. Organisations and individuals joined in from all around the world, sharing the stories of over 100 Champions of the Endangered. [...]

Painting a new future for a Critically Endangered terrapin

SatuCita Foundation is one of the newest partners in Synchronicity Earth’s Asian Species Programme with a particular focus on one Critically Endangered species: the painted terrapin. Anna Heath writes about the mission of a young Sumatran conservationist to save a remarkable freshwater turtle from extinction. “Someone must do something to help [...]

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Four conservation stories from 2021 to make you smile

2021 has presented many challenges for conservation, with COVID-19 continuing to prevent safe engagement with communities, causing delays or cancellations to in-person events, and affecting marginalised communities the hardest. However, our team at Synchronicity Earth continue to be inspired by the resilience and resourcefulness of our partners, who continue to do extraordinary work to [...]

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