How can environmental films make an impact?

With public interest in environmental issues higher than it has been for years, it is important to maintain the momentum and build on people’s understanding and motivation to protect our natural world. Nina Seale explores how environmental films have been used to engage people to make a difference for the environment. [...]

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What the hell is water?

On the week of Synchronicity Earth’s tenth anniversary, Founder Jessica Sweidan reflects on the cultural shifts toward conservation we have seen in the past decade. Our work on the ground with people, in places where biodiversity is rich and often, the most threatened, is the primary focus of the day [...]

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Fashioning our Future

The Fabric of Life Series was designed to highlight people and projects working to save species and ecosystems threatened by the fashion industry. It aimed to provide  a better understanding of the threats that the current fashion supply chain presents to people and nature, introduce innovative solutions and organisations that are addressing these threats [...]

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Art at the zoo: working together for species on the EDGE

In July 2018, Synchronicity Earth teamed up with the ZSL EDGE of Existence team at London Zoo to bring in artist Louis Masai to paint a series of 6 giant murals. Louis brought his distinct 'patchwork' style to the project, highlighting some of the weird and wonderful species, which are Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered, [...]

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The Many Faces of Conservation

In the media, narratives around nature are - more often than not - shot through with doom and gloom. Disappearing species, deforestation, plastics in the ocean, rivers running dry: reading about the natural world can make us feel helpless and overwhelmed by the scale of the damage we are doing to our planet. But what [...]

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