Confronting chytrid: the fight to save the world’s amphibians

In the 20th century, a new infectious disease emerged and caused an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. Chytridiomycosis, a fungal skin infection, has compounded an amphibian extinction crisis driven by habitat loss, overharvesting and pollution, resulting in 40 per cent of amphibians being threatened with extinction.  Today, over 20 years after the first chytrid fungus was [...]

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Cameroonian Environmental Activist arrested

Cameroonian environmental activist Nasako Besingi was arrested on Monday morning (25th September) in Mundemba, southwest Cameroon, at the headquarters of his NGO, SEFE (Struggle to Economize the Future Environment). The premises are reported to have been ransacked and Nasako arrested by a large group of police and soldiers and taken away in the back [...]

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Where we work and why: Congo Basin

Synchronicity Earth partners with six groups (1) working in the Congo Basin, the majority in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Their activities range from challenging large scale hydropower and agribusiness concessions in important forest and riverine areas through to engaging parliamentarians to help give a voice to indigenous peoples. But why the Congo Basin? [...]

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Where we work and why: Southeast Asia

A wildlife paradise facing multiple threats Kanburi pit viper by Clare Shenstone At Synchronicity Earth we work to support conservation action where it is needed most worldwide. Our overarching objective of slowing the global loss of biodiversity and tackling the extinction crisis leads naturally to a focus on regions where biodiversity is [...]

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River at risk – An alternative vision for the Sepik

The Sepik River basin in Papua New Guinea is an area of outstanding biological and cultural diversity, but a new mining venture now threatens the local population and their environment. The Sepik River meanders through the tropical forests of New Guinea, flowing north from its source in the Victor Emanuel Mountains and briefly [...]