Nina Seale

About Nina Seale

Communications and Engagement Officer

Nina joined Synchronicity Earth in May 2019 as Engagement Assistant after three years of working for wildlife conservation charity World Land Trust. She was introduced to field conservation in South Africa, where she was a safari guide, and this inspired her to study Zoology at the University of Edinburgh. Her passion for wildlife is only matched by her love for writing, and her niche is sharing conservation stories to inspire further action for wildlife. Outside the office, she is working on a novel set in a climate change dystopia, and loves climbing, diving, and hiking.

Champions of the Endangered

On June 2022, Synchronicity Earth and the Ellen Fund invited friends, partners, and beyond to share stories which celebrate conservationists doing inspiring work to protect threatened species and ecosystems as part of the #ChampionsOfTheEndangered campaign. Organisations and individuals joined in from all around the world, sharing the stories of over 100 Champions of the Endangered. [...]

Placing trust at the heart of environmental philanthropy

With a wave of new pledges of large grants to environmental organisations, as funders, we need to reflect on how our philanthropy can be improved. Building trust between donors and grantees plus reshaping the donor community so it can better support the organisations working on the ground are the foundations of a philosophy and [...]

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Four conservation stories from 2021 to make you smile

2021 has presented many challenges for conservation, with COVID-19 continuing to prevent safe engagement with communities, causing delays or cancellations to in-person events, and affecting marginalised communities the hardest. However, our team at Synchronicity Earth continue to be inspired by the resilience and resourcefulness of our partners, who continue to do extraordinary work to [...]

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In search of secret wildlife Part IV: The ocean depths

Continuing our ‘In search of secret wildlife’ series, Nina Seale dives into the mysteries surrounding marine ecology and conservation, exploring the dangers that mining and industrial fishing present when so little is known about the potential impact. We know so little about our ocean, we can’t even guess the number [...]

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In search of secret wildlife Part III: The power of knowledge

Hundreds of new species are discovered across the diverse tree of life around the world every year. Every single discovery is an exciting moment, but the number of them reveals how little we know about our fellow species, and just how much we need to learn while we try to mitigate our impact and [...]