Engaging the finance sector on biodiversity

When it comes to the ‘E’ in ‘ESG’ (Environmental, Social and Governance), impact on biodiversity is often overlooked compared to climate action. A ShareAction report on asset managers’ approach to biodiversity has highlighted the main reasons why biodiversity is excluded and what can be done to move the finance sector towards a net positive [...]

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Making finance work for nature

Our global economic system relies on a wide range of financial services to operate. From bank loans to public offerings of shares and from insurance to trade finance. Most of these financial transactions will have an impact on the natural world: directly, for example, through a loan to a timber extraction company, or indirectly, [...]

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A voice for nature in the world of finance

Simon Ruddick is the founder and current Chairman of Albourne Partners, a major player in the financial services industry that has been providing research advice on alternative investments since 1994. The combined investments of the firm’s clients now top $500 billion. As a long-standing supporter of Synchronicity Earth, we asked Simon what lay behind [...]

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A Conversation with street artist ATM

ATM dedicates much of his time to painting gorgeous images of threatened bird species on walls. His work has become a familiar and well-loved feature of many urban streets in cities far and wide. Synchronicity Earth is working with ATM to explore aspects of the relationship between finance and environmental degradation and the disappearance [...]

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Re-imagining Philanthropy

An uncharitable view of the charitable sector is that it is unprofessional and ineffective. According to this perspective, if charities only acted like businesses, they would have a greater impact. In the latest issue of Philanthropy Impact magazine, Synchronicity Earth's Executive Director, Laura Miller, and Head of Due Diligence and Risk, Michele Sanders ask whether [...]