Engaging the finance sector on biodiversity

When it comes to the ‘E’ in ‘ESG’ (Environmental, Social and Governance), impact on biodiversity is often overlooked compared to climate action. A ShareAction report on asset managers’ approach to biodiversity has highlighted the main reasons why biodiversity is excluded and what can be done to move the finance sector towards a net positive [...]

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Making finance work for nature

Our global economic system relies on a wide range of financial services to operate. From bank loans to public offerings of shares and from insurance to trade finance. Most of these financial transactions will have an impact on the natural world: directly, for example, through a loan to a timber extraction company, or indirectly, [...]

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Same disease, different challenges

Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a terrible toll: lives are being lost and families devastated; there is increasing job insecurity and anxiety about the future. As the crisis continues, we take a look at how it is is affecting partners we work with and what we are doing to support them. [...]

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Economic growth and biodiversity: the true costs

This month’s edition of The Economist magazine contains a 14-page special feature on the relationship between economic growth and biodiversity. It describes an environmental Kuznets curve, whereby ecological conditions worsen in the early stages of development but improve after a certain level of prosperity has been reached – by which time people and nation-states [...]

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The overwhelming economic case for protecting our seas

By Alasdair Harris A blog by Alasdair Harris. Alasdair is the Research Director of Blue Ventures, one of our partners within our oceans portfolio.  Easter weekend saw the end of the UK government’s 3-month public consultation on the designation of new marine conservation areas around the coasts of England and Wales. As a nation we [...]